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The Encounter posted at 7:03 PM
Sunday, April 24, 2011


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When two fangirls collide…

Everything turns out ecstatic.

Fangirls and fanboys do the typical fan account after they attend their idol’s concert, mall tour or meet and greet event. Below, I will be making an account after having an encounter not with TVXQ nor any other artist, but with a co-fangirl. Would you mind if I take you down the road to when and where we first met, virtually?

Summer of 2009, I so got hooked to Boys Over Flowers that I joined every forum possible – Lee Minho PH, Kim Hyun Joong International, BOF-PH and Boys Over Flowers Philippines. The four mentioned is what I can remember but I’m sure there’s more to that list. I joined BOF-PH first, but left it soon enough due to its inactivity. I remember posting on each thread and each of those posts were left unnoticed. That was a bit of a disappointment, so I moved to Lee Minho PH and Kim Hyun Joong International, and stayed there for a couple of months, I think? The aura of those forums were great. There were lots of people especially on the chatbox wherein people had to wait for some time just so the chatbox can recover from the message traffic. One of those nights when I was chilling on the chatbox of Lee Minho PH, someone posted a link to another forum. Being the curious cat, I went to the said forum and found out that it was still new, that they were looking for people who would want to help them manage it. This is where I and Ate Bea first met. J

The forum was new and the admins were looking for co-admins. I just had to have that position, I thought. Being a leader of a forum was a dream for me, so I took the chance and applied for it. Luckily, I got accepted. Maybe they needed immediate helpers so they took me, but oh well.. At least I experienced it. I started working that very day. Ate Bea was the one whom I first talked to on the forum. She was so friendly that that very night, I found out that her mom was an Ilocano. I felt so close to her in an instant. I started calling her Bea unnie. She was my commander. ;P She told me the things that I needed to work on. We shared ideas, we had fun on the forum, we chatted.. When a local channel started airing Boys Over Flowers, the forum was at its peak. So many people visited it and the threads were oozing with conversations. To cut it short, hyper were the fans. My stay on the forum made me know Ate Bea more. She’s good with graphics. The forum themes were made by her. They were all beautiful. When the drama ended airing, day by day, there were less visitors. We can’t blame the people. When things get blunt, they are left hanging. So, the forum was dead. There were still visitors, but not enough to keep the forum alive as before. But this happening didn’t end my friendship with Ate Bea.

Facebook was readily available. I don’t know who added who. But our friendship continued on Facebook. We didn’t communicate everyday.. She was busy with school and I was.. trying to be busy with school. ^^, At times, we liked each other’s status, photos, links and notes; But we didn’t talk that much. Still, the eagerness for us to meet one day didn’t change. Summer of 2010, she told me she and her family will be going to Ilocos. I was so giddy I died! LOL. But they didn’t push through.. Maybe because of some busy schedule? Yeah, I thought I was going to meet her already. Maybe one day, I thought. But just last week, she told me they are going to Ilocos for real! =)) I wasn’t that certain if we could meet in Vigan since our schedules might not coincide with each other. When she was already in Vigan, she texted me that she was somewhere in those stalls. I was at home, and didn’t even have load to reply to her. Of course I wasn’t able to meet her. On Friday, I replied to her. She texted me saying, she already went at the Belltower. Then she asked me if I was near the metro. I said, Yes and I am just a few steps away from the arc. Coincidentally, she just happened to stay at a burger machine near the arc earlier that day. I wasn’t able to meet her again. Yesterday, I tagged along with my sister and cousin to Vigan. We were looking for great finds when Ate Bea texted me saying, she was on her way to Vigan. Dun dun dun dun I kept turning my head left to right just so I can spot her. My sister then took me and my cousin in front of the GSP building and met with my niece, cousin, and her boyfriend. We dined outside Tummy Talk. While we were waiting for our food, I was also waiting for Ate Bea to just flash in front of me. XDD I thought I’ll never see her that day. I was waiting for her reply… I texted her saying, I was along Calle Crisologo and then she replied, she was about to enter Calle Crisologo. Then I saw her. Woooh! But the time I saw her, I was too shy and didn’t have the courage to call for her. I was in panic mode. Yes, I wanted to meet her so much but, you know how it’s like when you meet an online friend or whatsoever for the first time. I told her, I already saw her. She asked me where was I. I asked her to turn around, then BOOM. We waved our hands to each other. I thought that was it.

I didn’t have the courage to approach her. I WAS TOO SHY, and she was with her family. Then, she approached me. I believe she asked me if I was really Michelle. I said yes, but the question wasn’t really clear on my part. But I just said yes. :DD I introduced her to my companions. Then, I moved away from my sit to stand next to her. We asked my companions to take a photo of us together. YAAAY! She is the very first online fangirl friend that I met. I was so happy I met her! I wanted to hug her, really, but I kept it cool. But I was so happy deep inside. She gave me pictures of Yonghwa, SS501, Minzy and CL. She felt sorry she gave me random stuffs, but hey, I was even sorry for myself for not having bought her anything. I really wanted to give her something that time but I didn’t bring money, so… yeah. While we were talking she kept on telling her mom and dad that she’s with a friend. That made my heart melt. She introduced me to her family, not as a fangirl, but as a friend. Really, I was so happy my heart swelled. We didn’t have time to have a long talk but yeah, meeting her is and still is awesome! She’s the first. Never will I forget such encounter.

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Cosmetics Alert posted at 9:51 PM
Friday, April 22, 2011

As a lot of people think, makeup is an ugly woman’s best friend. Or so I say? From my point of view and from what I can see, people use cosmetics to look sexy. That is, if they use the material neither for wedding nor for any other purposes but to walk along the streets with their girlfriends or boyfriends on a daily basis. Or so I say? Maybe I was just so absorbed with my country girl lifestyle and didn’t know anything about makeup or rather, fashion.

Maybe I was living under a rock for sometime, but mind you, I have risen from ignorance. Or so I say? LOL. Watching Top Model might have aroused my interest, or merely seeing people with their glowing faces made me want to have the same. Whatever was the origin, I am now a believer of cosmetics.

I am now starting to search for written tips and videos on how to do the “natural look” and the “party look”. They will come in handy in the near future. I am especially focusing on how to apply concealer the right way. Applying concealer is crucial because everyone can apply it, but not everyone can do it properly. You need to put enough amount of it under your eyes and on the sides of your nose, then blend it well all over your face. Putting on eyeshadow is crucial too, and I think I need to get back to that. There are these layering I cannot seem to understand ‘cause there are thin layers, and there are dark layers. Then, I thought putting on eye liner was easy, but you need to control your hands so as not to mess up with your eyes. Lipstick/lipgloss is just a slide away. Colouring your eyebrows is optional, I think? And foundation? I need to get back to that as well.

Why did I start having interest on makeup, really? Because I want to look beautiful on the outside. I’m not getting younger. Knowing how to do it now will be a big help. And as Michelle Phan states on her YouTube page, her dream is “To help women empower themselves with this art, makeup. Believe it or not, you can transform your life with one lipstick. Women have stronger careers, future and self esteem when they feel confident and beautiful.” I want to at least feel beautiful, feel confident, and feel proud about myself.

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School, Love, Writing posted at 3:42 PM
Saturday, April 2, 2011

I’m deprived of writing for months and it feels good in a way that words were out of my reach for sometime. Somehow, the hiatus made me think of ideas I haven’t focused myself last year. My mind without writing was filled with thoughts about college, life, friends, and family ties. It is no doubt that I’m a senior high school student and will be graduating on the 6th of April. Yes, my school is like the last in the country to hold its commencement exercises.

A typical high school senior carries a typical college course confusion. I may thought of being a doctor, a lawyer, a chef, an ambassador, or a news reporter in the past; But with my lack of money and knowledge and with circumstances fogging my path, those professions wouldn’t come in handy anymore. One of these days, they’ll fade like whispers in the wind and when I turn a lot older than I am now, I wouldn’t speak of frustration and guilt for not being able to accomplish my childhood dreams. For now, I’m thinking of majoring in business administration, English, or education. Choosing one from the three will take me somewhere I haven’t envisioned myself. Ever. But who knows what will happen tomorrow? Who knows if I’ll be playing numbers in a bank or in a company, or I’ll be playing with kids at school? The future holds it. I can’t say anything in behalf of the future ‘cause it might be sued with libel.

I think I might just pour out everything I have in mind now because I don’t know when will I write again. The lazy bum is always having a writer’s block.

My life had been dramatic since high school started. When I welcomed hardcore subjects and love to enter my soul, it seemed like everyday was a battlefield, that I was left behind, and that I was a good-for-nothing folk. School for me, was so similar with hell. I wanted to get out but I stayed still and didn’t become a rebel because I wanted to graduate, at least. So I would have a future, and my life wouldn’t be as messy as garbage.

With love, I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. Day and night, I thought about my dream guy. I bet he wasn’t my dream guy. I was just drawn to him. He wasn’t the ideal type but he went through the strainer as if he was. And I’ve reached that point when I cried at night because of someone. When I’m swept off my feet, I can’t help myself but be possessive that even if I don’t own the person, I don’t like him hanging around with someone from the opposite sex. Well, that possessiveness was kept within my head to toe. I wouldn’t dare tell him. Jealousy, envy, and hatred has invaded me a lot of times that I can’t say any accurate figure now. I am not branding myself obsessive but I’ve loved a person so much that he’s my breakfast, my lunch, my dinner, and my snack in between. I fell so damn hard for him and fell so damn hard onto the ground also because of him. Admiring him isn’t healthy at all ‘cause rumors of him liking different girls were everywhere and it made me feel like I was being pricked by needles every time I heard them.

Maybe my emotional behaviour roots from the fact that I had never been in a relationship, or that in my four years in high school, I had never been courted by anyone out of those thousands of people. I just want to love and be loved in return. That’s the proper way to describe it.

I want to say more, but I ran out of words. Besides, I don’t write lengthy posts. Even my essays in school aren’t lengthy. I write short literary, which leaves my reader understand the story told.

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