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#7yearsfortvxq posted at 7:34 PM
Sunday, December 26, 2010


This same day on 2003, TVXQ made their debut with the song, ‘Hug’. People started loving them from that day forward. Soon enough, those people called themselves Cassiopeia. TVXQ did not only conquer Korea, but also Japan and the whole of the biggest continent. That made them garner BigEast and iCassies. The melody and harmony they made when they were singing filled every fan’s heart with contentment. They became legendary idols who gave inspiration to the youth, and to adults as well. No doubt that they’ve got the biggest fanclub in the world which made them land on Guiness. And having been photographed a million times more than any artist is a double entry.

For the 7 years that TVXQ has been a household name, many things changed. The once cute, young and naïve boys transformed to hot, handsome, stunning men. From being an acapella group, they managed to change their genre and become a dance group. And as expected from them, they pulled it off. But there isn’t really a happily ever after. When things were all turning out great, rumors of disbandment suddenly floated. Then one day, news of suing from two parties just flooded all Kpop sites. It was intriguing and quite unbelievable for the fans at first that the impact resulted later on. With that, three members left their agency leaving the two members behind. Their activities in Japan pushed through but awkwardness between JaeChunSu and HoMin were undeniably seen and felt by people leaving them the impression that the two parties do not have that connection anymore. Soon, they held their activities in Japan and announced an indefinite hiatus.

While on hiatus, other members acted in dramas, some in theatre, some featured in magazines. By 2010, JaeChunSu debuted with the name JYJ with songs produced by Kanye West. They made a big step from Asia, to US. Their album “The Beginning” even made its way to the Billboard Top 100, together with fellow Asian, Charice Pempengco. Though JYJ’s musical genre is way different from TVXQ’s, fans still embraced it. Early next year, TVXQ will also have its comeback as a duo. Though it may seem incomplete, fans still have high anticipation for the two.

The power and love of TVXQ and its fans are undoubtedly amazing. Fans manage to wait for TVXQ’s return as five though there are no set dates. They don’t care if they look like fools to people who do not know what their fandom life is facing now. They just do what their heart, mind, and soul is asking them to do ----- to always keep their faith, no matter what.

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It's the Time Of the Year posted at 9:22 PM
Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

My mom, sister and I had our Noche Buena at 12:00AM. The food served are the common spaghetti, salad and hamon. Basing from the three which are all plain, it wasn’t like Noche Buena at all, isn’t it? But since we are only three at home since 2004, we got used with the few dishes we make every season. Besides, if we cook plenty of food, who’ll eat it? We eat a lot when we starve, but horses get stuffed too.

At morning today, we went to the church because it’s Christmas. It’s tradition. Then, my mom and I made our way to the market to buy the ingredients for Mixed Seafood which we missed to buy yesterday. There were only a few people in the market which is quite ironic for the season. When we got home, I helped in the preparation of the food to be cooked. Most of the time, I do the preparation while my mom does the cooking. I dreamt of being a chef then but I don’t really know how to cook. Probably, my interest in the activity is just because of Lifestyle Network. Oh, I’ve already adapted to the onions’ scent ‘cause my crying is lesser now when I’m cutting them compared to before.

At noon, we went to the ‘family house’(mother side) where my grandma lives with an aunt and an uncle. It was quite of a family reunion which isn’t like it either since we see each other often. There were a few MIA members of the family due to some circumstances but we were still happy with the food and also the videoke and maybe because we were together. It wasn’t because the MIA members weren’t important.. Maybe we just had fun and forgot all the worries behind for the season.

And so I got some moooolaaaah. It didn’t reach 1k. So sad. But that’s okay, if it weren’t for them, where would I pick that amount of money? I just wonder, why is it like only a few people gave me gifts this Christmas? Was I naughty this year? Wasn’t I lovable? I wonder.. This thing makes me disappointed. With my four godparents, only two gave me money. I understand the case of someone; But the other one? I know he’s rich, but he hasn’t given me a single centavo for the past years. Maybe he forgot he has a god-daughter by the name Michelle Angela. Well, if he doesn’t care about me.. Who cares? I still have a lot of frie--.. A card would be highly appreciated but some didn’t give me anything. But now I understand. It’s hard writing all your emotions out with a pen.

Seriously, my every Christmas is the same. There are only a slight difference in the things I do, but it’s all the same. I’m waiting for a different yet beautiful Christmas next year and in the years to come.

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The Experience I Never Thought I’d Have posted at 5:07 PM
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

cr: Mariz Esposo

Dec. 06, 2010

“Coach said we’ll meet later this afternoon at the E-lib.” A classmate of mine surprised me with her words. “What would he want to discuss to us?” I asked silently in my mind, though I was hoping it’ll be about the Broadcasting. Indeed, it was about the Broadcasting. When we got in the E-lib, they were there discussing about the t-shirts to be printed, how much it’ll cost. There was chaos in my mind, “Am I really going to the Regional Schools Press Conference? “ I’m sorry for myself for being so ignorant but, it was my first time.

Dec. 09-11, 2010

Vigan City divison held its Writeshop at Vigan Central for the ones who will be competing in the RSPC which would be held at Daniel Maramba High School in Santa Barbara, Pangasinan. Seriously, we did nothing in there. The lecturer wasn’t good enough and gave us the unnecessary details for broadcasting. He discussed about journalism, libel, and all sort of basics in broadcasting. Yes, the lecture he gave us were quite informable; But it wasn’t the one he was supposed to share. He was supposed to share the techniques on making our voices be inviting to the listeners, on how to choose the right news bed and stuff, on how to make an entertaining infomercial. He didn’t know those simple things that we wanted him to lecture about. When we were asking him how to make a good intro, he didn’t answer it properly.

I respect people’s limitations ‘cause I know how it feels to be looked down. I know that even though he was a part of a radio station before(?), broadcasting still isn’t his high point. So why get him as the lecturer if he has the experience but doesn’t have the means of teaching us? Let’s just say, we wasted our time sitting there, waiting for him to lecture while we were making noises with the piano inside the room.

Dec. 12-15, 2010

At 8:00 in the morning, I went in front of Burgos East and waited for our bus. Groups of people were already there waiting when I arrived. Since, the Filipino time can’t get away from us, the bus came in late. As if we’re not used to it. It felt good to ride a bus again. =)) At lunch time, we stopped by a resto in Tagudin. Hell, their dishes were expensive and to think that they were just normal food, I doubt the price. I took a piece of meat from a friend and it didn’t even taste nice. Good thing my mom cooked me corned beef which I ate for lunch. We arrived at around 3:00 or 4:00 in Santa Barbara and there was even a commotion because of our advisers’ bags. Better leave that story behind. At dinner, I thought we would be eating at a fastfood or something but there were free food! That’s something good for a money freak like me. And, I hated the fact that I didn’t see ANY fastfood chain in the place.

A parade around the town started our day. I saw my former classmates. It was tiring to walk, and walk, and walk. After that, the host school officially opened the event. I was so disappointed that they didn’t had enough chairs for us. They could have brought more chairs because really, there were still a lot of chairs in the classrooms. Oh well. Then we went to our quarter ‘cause we were aching to lie down and sleep. In the afternoon ‘til night, our coach practiced us for the broadcasting the next day. We were boring. We were lousy. I knew each one of us in the group thought that way. And I knew our coach didn’t like me and the way I speak. I don’t know. I just had that notion.

The next day came. We went to this Central School and somebody gave us a lecture. After that, we did the script, then it was show time. The competition started early but our group presented at night. There were a lot of groups from different places in Region I. When it was our turn, it was pretty going smoothly but when it was my turn to speak, the microphones weren’t working. I didn’t like what was happening. I tried the two microphones, still, they weren’t working. When I got a hold of the third one, I just spoke swiftly so I can say my work’s done. A groupmate said to me later that our coach was signalling them that he couldn’t hear what I was talking about. That made me frustrated. I knew I did my best. I knew that when we were still in Vigan and were practicing, I had the highest interest on what we were doing. I don’t want to look like I know everything but when they were eating, playing the piano, playing Plants vs. Zombies, capturing photos, thinking of going home, I was the one finishing the script.. Too scared that our coach might scold us. They are only working if there’s someone looking at them. I hate that. I hate the fact that when we finished presenting, our coach didn’t even say, “That was good.” Or any words of encouragement. That made me think that I screwed everything. He could have just joked that it wasn’t my fault but the mic’s fault. He didn’t blame anyone, that’s for sure. But, I know deep in his heart.. He didn’t like our presentation and he didn’t like that I messed it up. He couldn’t even appreciate the tone of our intro. Hey, I made the tone.

The last day, I didn’t like to go to the awarding ceremony ‘cause I knew we wouldn’t get any but I still went. Vigan City division is oh, such a loser. What division could not win even just one major award? VIGAN! It was horrible. It was embarrassing. But what can we do? The competitors are much more brighter than us.

Whatever~ The experience will still be memorable for me ‘cause it’s my first time in my whole HS life. Though it was filled with ups and downs, and downs, I’ll still cherish it, and I thank God for giving me such experience.

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Happy. Yaay! posted at 2:53 PM
Monday, December 20, 2010

I’m quite happy today hearing Yunho && Changmin’s new song for Athena. The two have been on hiatus for a longer time compared to JYJ so I really miss them. Allkpop’s flooded with articles about TVXQ (JYJ mostly) and it’s as if they’ve come back because of the sudden clamour. Now that the two will be having their comeback, they’ll be stepping on the stage joining JYJ. I wish the two parties will collide again and do beautiful harmonies together.

The recent interviews of JYJ gave light to the unending controversy. Yes, they still want to reconcile. Knowing that they still care for the name, ‘TVXQ’ and its members is a big thing. All I knew then was that, they ditched TVXQ and will never talk anything about TVXQ ever again; But boy, I was wrong.

The news are an early Christmas gift and Anniversary gift of TVXQ to Cassiopeia. At least, the news are not all but drama because that’s all we’ve had for months.. or years?

TVXQ will come back. Whether as a group or as individuals, they’ll reign supreme.

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