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Knock My Head Towards The Wall, Please posted at 3:18 PM
Sunday, July 18, 2010


The teacher butted in our conversation with my classmates yesterday. He really acts like a know-it-all. Then I was talking with a small mind when he uttered, "I wish you are like that when it comes to recitation." I heard bells ringing in my ears. Mad bells. Then a classmate told him that I should just be a Private. It was a joke, I think. But, goodness! The bells even rang harder, madder! He replied with a laugh, "Noo. She'll just waste her one year-training. Right?" I KNOW RIGHT! He even said I couldn't handle the place I was put on my duty last Thursday. Is he blind? Or do I need to buy him a new pair of glasses? I tried my very best that day and he outlook it just like that?

My blood was heating that time. Thank goodness it didn't reach to a boil. I am so sensitive with talks that include my being. I take statements told about me seriously. You tell me you like me this minute, I'll still be thinking about it and figuring it out 'til next week. I wanted to cry and shout in front of his face, "If that's what fate will bring me, then I can't do anything about it. If you don't want me sir to be a part of your officers this year, then I'll leave. 'Cause one thing that I hate doing is fitting into small holes of time." But then, I don't want him to see how weak I am. In the first place, I know I wouldn't fit a military role. I know he wouldn't like me AT ALL. Look at me. Do I have a strong appearance? I don't. I look ill.

What's the essence of CAT anyway? The charm it gives you when you wear the uniform or when you reprimand students who aren't participating in ceremonies? I just realized, entering CAT is like putting yourself on cue in a mock battlefield. You get bruises without even starting the real fight. It is one of my life's greatest regrets. I shouldn't have entered into something awful like this.

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Copy-Paste No More posted at 2:52 PM
Sunday, July 4, 2010

I've been wanting to type Hangul with my own fingertips. Tada~! I was able to do it just a while ago. It was fun, though I was confused at first. At first try, the symbols won't combine with each other. Then, I tried pressing the keys all together at once and yeah boy, I got it! Thanks to a person I can now type Hangul.


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