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HAPPINESS~!!! Shalalalalala. posted at 7:57 PM
Friday, September 17, 2010

What is it to be happy about?

*When you find yourself buying a refill for your pen because you consumed all of the ink already. And to think that it is G-TEC, it’s a milestone.

*When you paid via G-CASH for your Mirotic Con DVD that will drown you for centuries after its arrival.

*When Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin are happy with the path they chose, or rather with their careers… for now.

*When someone hugs me. I feel not only happy, but loved.

*When HE walks towards my direction, stop for a while, and does the thing he used to do to moi.

*When someone appreciates my work. You’ll find me saying, “Oh really?”; But really, it makes my heart jump with joy when someone does that.

*When I have money to buy all the things I want so freakin’ bad.

*When someone says I’m puh-ree-tee.

*When people would ask me to sing or join in an oration contest and they’re serious about it. I’ll just be asking myself, “Am I that good?”

*When I can follow in class.

*When life is easy on me and doesn’t give me burden.

*When there are notebooks, Pilot pens, Staedtler erasers and mechanical pencils around and it’s all mine.

*When I am not sick – I can do all the things I want.

*When I am sick – Mother shows how she cares and loves me.

*When I eat and I would be full afterwards.

*When I eat nonstop ‘cause I still feel hungry.

*When someone gives me a gift.

*When someone gives me a letter. I can feel the sincerity of a person with that.

*When the world is peaceful.


The ones above are the 20 things that made me happy/wished to make me happy last week.

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