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Month-Ender Posts; etc posted at 6:23 PM
Monday, January 24, 2011

Since school started, my posts were all written at the second to the last week, or the last week of the month. You know that if you’ve been observing me, or let’s say.. spying on me. But I guess I’m just hallucinating with the latter statement. But then, I would be glad if someone’s spying on me because you could be my long lost admirer. And, I’d be glad to meet you whoever you are. If ever there’s someone.

Now look, what day is it today? It’s the last week of the month. AGAIN. So what is it with my posting schedule? I didn’t plan for it. Really. It happened naturally. You know, like the formation of rocks, the change of weather every now and then, hibernation.. Yes, it all came out and is still occurring naturally. Why is that? It’s not that I’m busy, ‘cause even though I’m a senior and everyone in my batch is doing their papers or whatsoever errands they have in their hands, I’m the so-so student who cares about my grades but can’t do anything to achieve more.. And so I have a lot of time at home. I have a lot of time but I can’t write blogs that often.

It’s not that I don’t want to write blogs either. I would love to write on my blog daily.

It’s not that we don’t have internet connection ‘cause my sister pays for it monthly.

It’s not that..

I’ve thought about the real reason for sometime and what’s coming out from me is that, my blogging routine is like cramming. Although I’d love to write daily, I just can’t do it ‘cause sometimes I’m lazy, and most of the time when I want to write, I don’t have any idea. One thing more, even though I have the idea on my mind, I just can’t put it within my hands. So, having to write a post or two at the end of the month is like reviewing the night before your exams. I know I could have written lots, days or weeks before but it was just the time that my mind and hands want to collide with each other to make something I can offer on my blog. I don’t want my archive to skip a month. So that explains it.

But I’m trying to change the routine ‘cause I hate it when my blog is dead. My posts aren’t really to attract visitors but to put my history somewhere where criticisms can be stumbled upon, but can also be left just there as if it’s nothing ‘cause it’s just me, the nobody.

Actually, I’ve been thinking of putting down the idea of link exchanging ‘cause I just can’t relate with some blogs. If I have to mention blogs that are worthy of reading, there would only be just a few. A FEW. Let me think about it.

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