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She's Back In The House posted at 7:02 PM
Friday, May 28, 2010

Yo, yo, yo. /m\
It’s been a while. For the last weeks, I’ve drowned myself with doing things that I missed to do when I was in here sitting in front of the screen clicking and viewing anything I wanted. The television and my phone were my best buddies when our internet went wack. At first, I wasn’t comfortable with the setup. You know how an internet addict would look like when she’s deprived. I was so… uhm… lonely- If that’s appropriate to say. I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I missed viewing blogs. I missed watching videos on YouTube. I missed staring at Dong Bang Shin Ki for hours. I just didn’t adapt to my “new world”. I wanted to get out of the house everyday to maintain my sanity, because the longer I stay inside without the internet, the faster my sanity gets wrecked.

Good thing I had something to please my ears. I got to know TVXQ songs more. I just love their ballads. It’s so soothing; very relaxing. Just plain great lullabies. I let my mom buy me The Secret Code and I bought BS2010 with my own money. But before I got to hold the album in my hands, I got to call Air21, message them on FB, tweet them, e-mail them. I thought it was already lost somewhere. I waited for a week although I should have just waited for three days if they weren’t lame. And so, I GOT IT! I was thankful it didn’t get lost, and it only had a very little cut in the side. The DVD was good but I wished they put more videos of their performances. I played it again and again. Now I’m praying the CD’s don’t get lotsa scratches. Keke~ And also, I just craved for Princess Hours so I borrowed its DVD from a friend of mine. The subtitle isn’t good at all. You have to think a hundred times just to figure out what it really says. Haha! But, I’m trying to understand it just for the sake of finishing it.

And also, I had been irritated badly not so long ago. It was just because of an excerpt of a song that I posted on Facebook. Two of them made my day. They said such shallow words that shouldn’t be taken seriously. But I took it seriously. I was so not in the mood with battling for words. And yet, there he went.. Striking me with his ample statements. I couldn’t help but grit my teeth with madness taking over me. It was like I was being pushed down. Well, I felt that way. But, I need to forget such things already. Bad chakra, bye bye.

There goes the weeks I’ve been out of the WWW. It was basically home-school-home. A few more weeks to go and it’ll be the start of class. I want it now!

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